Monday, September 19, 2016

Unblock Google Allo with the Fastest VPN both on iOS and Android

Google's smart messaging app Allo may release within this week, according to a famous tipster. Many googlers are looking forward to use this app since the Google I/O conference. Due to the geological restriction, it might be a issue for some people to use this app.

What is Allo?

Early on the Google I/O conference in May this year, Google announce its specific app on meassage.There's roumor that Allo would challenge whatsapp in the future.The release date of Allo is set at the end of summer,according to Google. According to tipsters, Allo would be released on Septemper 21th, 2016.

Features of Allo:
  • Simplicity.Just like Google Duo,Allo is goign to focus on simplicity.The interface of it would looks cooler and the design is quite slicker.Google leaked hints before that the messaging app would look better than whatsapp.
  • AI power in Allo. It has a simliarity as Google Now. Users can be helped with searching, maps, watching youtube, and translate conversations.
  • Expressive chat. Allo will provide you with text formatting options for a more expressive chat.

Can we use it in China?

Since Google moved its servers out of China due to strict Governemnt policy, it would be a bothering issue for Google fans to use it in China. According to Google, this app could be both download to iOS and Android just like Google Duo. To unblock Google Allo in China, you might need VPN tool.

Which VPN should we use?

To use Google Allo in China, you could use VPN servers from USA, HongKong,Japan,and etc.Once connecting with its servers,your IP address would be changed. FlyVPN that contains mutiple servers provides you with 14 days free trial if you are using FlyVPN app for the first time on your deivce.Share the invitation code to invite people using FlyVPN. You will get 5 more days once you invite a person successfully.

Download FlyVPN to Android devices
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