Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How to Activate Russian CD Key on Steam

Many steamers would be aware of Russian CD keys that are sourced from Russia and are much cheaper than these in their own region.That's due to the selling strategy among different regions. To get a better game selling in Russia, the publisher usually lower the price. So here is the question, for these who are outside of Russia, how can they actviate a Russian CD key?

Can VPN help actviate a Russian CD Key?

VPN(Vitual Privat Network)is a great way for steamers to unblock georestrction and get a Russian IP adress. When you connect to a VPN, uasually you launch a VPN client,log in with your account and password. Let's take FlyVPN as an example.
  • Download it and create an account. Run it. Choose FlyVPN free Russian VPN and connect with it.
  • Verify your IP adress. Simply visit whatismyip.Check if your IP address turn to be a Russian IP.
  • Activate your Russian CD key.At the top of Steam, click on "Games"Select "Activate a product on Steam".
  • In the windows that comes up click "Next".
  • Read the Agreement and then click "I Agree".
  • Paste the code into the text area and click Next.
  • Click close,do not start the download.
  • Close steam completely.


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