Friday, September 2, 2016

Unblock Snapchat in China Mainland with the Best VPN

Lately, the news that Facebook copying the instant video from Snapchat has occupied the headline. Snapchat unpublished its Facebook pages as an reaction to Facebook's shameful behavior. From turning Snap Stories to Instagram Stories to replicating instant videos, Facebook seems never give up imitating Snapchat,the newly-rising star among social media. For theose who work, live and studying in China Mainland, it is not that easy to use Snapchat.

Why I can't use Snapchat in China Mainland?

China Mainland actually does not ban Snapchat directly. Snapchat's servers are mostly provided by Google, that's why it gets affected. The famous Great Fire Wall banned all the Google service in China. Hence, people can't use Snapchat in China Mainland without the tool VPN. There is roumor in China that Tenccent would like to bought some share from Snapchat. But it looks like that couldn't be realized.

Which VPN is available for unblocking Sanpchat in China Mainland?

We have test many VPNs and found the servers from FlyVPN is the most stable, supportive and reliable ones. Download FlyVPN from appstore or and create an account. Log in. You can use your account 3 times a day as a free trial account!

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