Friday, September 23, 2016

Yahoo Confirmed that Over 500 Million Yahoo Accounts Were Leaked

The company Yahoo confirmed that over 500 Million Yahoo accounts were leaked. The company Yahoo agreed to sell its core bussiness for $4.8 billion to telecommunication giant Verizon. And Verizon only learned the breach 2 days ago before Yahoo offically announced it.

The Largest Data Breach in History

500 million accounts were hacked, and so the username, mail address, bithday date, and security question were leaked.This issue shocked the whole Internet world since 500 million users are almost cover the most of Yahoo's customers. 

How to Secure Your Personal Data

If you are a user of Yahoo, you'd better hurry up and change your password. In order to keep your privacy, you'd better do not use the similar password on different websites.If you want to use other tool instead of changing password, you might try VPN.

Why You Need VPN to Protect your Privacy

VPN is the way that would easily protect your personal data. It let you connect with a virtual network.You could use VPN to mask your identity, encrypt communications and browse the web fron a different location.

Choose a reliable VPN is not that easily, here I personally recommend you with FlyVPN with have high encrption technology.Just one connection with FlyVPN servers would easily cahgne your IP address and protect your personal information from leaking. FlyVPN could be used on Mac OSX, Windows, Android and iOS system, so that you could use it protect your information from every platform. 

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