Thursday, September 8, 2016

Everything You Should Know about VPN: Use VPN to Protect your Privacy with a Encrypted VPN

Data breach have been one of the most concerned issue on our daily life since we are soaked in the Intenet. We browse video and social media, learn and do bussinees with other people. We are at the risk of getting ourselves and our personal data exposed to cyber criminals.

How could data get released?

Some famous websites in the Internet are get hacked in the past few years.According to Motherboard, millions of records from sites like Dropbox, Brazzers, and were hacked and stolen.According to the insider, there are many inactive account in the stolen data.

What can I do to protect privacy?

The easiest way to protect your personal data could be using VPN while connecting to the network. VPN means Vitual Private Network,is a group of computers networked together over a public network—the internet. Individuals can use VPN to enscure communications while connecting to public Wi-Fi.

Which VPN provider should I trust?

A VPN that has strong VPN protcol,free trial, quick response online support and money-back guanrantee should be the most reliable and trustable one. You
need FlyVPN, the VPN company that has developed its own protocol, with 256/2048-bit encryption skill.You can download it directly from FlyVPN website and create an account for testing on its performance!

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