Monday, September 12, 2016

Play the Most Popular Russian Game in Turkmenistan with Russian Server

Websites in Turkmenistan are strictly censored so that people can not browse foreign websites and stream wonderful TV shows. To get a free Internet, people have to seek for other tools to help then.

What is world of warplanes?

The free-to-play flight combat massively multiplayer online (MMO) action game World of Warplanes was developed by Wargaming. The most attracting point of this game lies in the various vehicle, allowing players to choose from four main warplane classes: fighters, multirole fighters, heavy fighters and ground attack planes. World of Warplanes is only available on Microsoft Windows.

Is it possible to play foreign games in Turkmenistan?

Internet usage in Turkmenistan is under tight control from the government. Turkmen recieved news via satellite television until 2008 when the government decided to get rid of satellites, and Internet is the only medium where people get information. The Internet is censored by the government and games developed by foreign companies are banned in Turkmenistan. People in Turkmenistan usually search VPN providers for help. 

Which server should I choose?

Considering of the distance between devices and the VPN server, most Turkmenistan people try Rusian VPN servers that are much closer to Turkmenistan. Famous VPN providers such as FlyVPN could possibly be the best one in Turkmenistan. You may try to create an account and do a test before buying it. 

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