Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Do you Know iOS10 and MacOS Sierra Does Not Support PPTP Any More?

According to a statement from Apple on July 12, 2016, iOS 10 and macOS Sierra stops supporting PPTP VPN.It said "iOS 10 and macOS Sierra will remove PPTP connections from any VPN profile when a user upgrades their device." So be awared when you are trying to upgrade to iOS 10.

Why does Apple stop supporting PPTP VPN?

VPN is built on multiple protocols, PPTP is one of them. PPTP is always considered outdated and insecure. In this case, it is tough for Apple to shoulder the blames of insecurity. Even though PPTP protocol is available on iOS 9 and OS X E1, Apple does not suggest that users use it for sake of security, a post from Apple states.

Alternative way of protecting your data

More sercure VPN protcols including L2TP, IKEv2, Cisco,VPN client are recommanded. The removeal of PPTP VPN terrifies a lot of VPN provides. Many VPN providers even warns their users to be considerate before upgrading to iOS10. Yet, instead of telling its users not to upgrade iOS 10, one VPN provider gradually removed PPTP and L2TP earlier this summer. FlyVPN developed its own VPN protocol TCP and UDP based on Open VPN. They have very strong(AES 256-bit) encryption for users' data. This VPN client is also easily set up on iOS 10 and Mac OSX device. You could download it and have a try directly with your own account! 

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