Wednesday, August 24, 2016

FlyVPN Review

This is my review on FlyVPN based on real test. This review includes the price, free trial, stability, software, customer service etc., simply check this article for a closer look into FlyVPN.


  • Multiple servers across the America, Africa, Europe, Asia, Oceania. Totally 300+ global VPN servers in 40+ countries.
  • Strongest (AES 256-bit) encryption for personal data.
  • Unlimited traffic, easy to switch on several devices

FlyVPN servers for US:

FlyVPN has been regarded as one of the best VPN servers for US servers. FlyVPN has 42 US servers.The ping is around 200 in China, which is suitable for you to browse webpage for you to use US servers. As for watching videos or gaming, I personally think Hongkong servers are a better choice. The ping is very low,the ping of some of the servers even belows 50 ms. Hongkong servers works perfectly with video websites like youtube, vimeo, dailymotion.And there is no limition on traffic!

Price & Free Trial for FlyPN:

FlyVPN costs 9.9 USD monthly regarding to Shared IP plan. You could save 40USD with yearly plan which takes 80 USD. It is not that cheap. But considering the reliance and stability, it is acceptable for most of its users. Besides, they have 30-day money back guarantee, which clearly shows their confidence on thier produce. FlyVPN also adopts local payment—— payssion so that users around the world could use the local currency for getting FlyVPN service. They also support bitcoin as well.

Create an acount in your application, you’ll imediately get Free VPN servers in USA, China, Hongkong, Singapore, UK(Britain), Germany, Australia, Canada, and etc.You can connect with their servers 3 times ervery day, 20 minutes for each time. Everyone can enjoy free trial for 60 minutes each day.

FlyVPN software

FlyVPN is perfectly compatible for Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and Linux.And it is easy to set up and use on Android, Windows, Mac OSX and iOS devices. You can connect with its servers via multiple portocols like F-VPN-UDP and F-VPN-proxy which is based on OpenVPN protocol, L2TP, PPTP, and socks5.

Customer Support:

Since their company is in Hongkong, their telephone service is within the Hongkong time, from 9:30 am to 5:30 pm, Monday through Friday. But it is extremely easy to contact with them via chat and e-mail. You can send your problem or advice to, they will give you a quick response and send you feeback as long as they are in the bussiness hour. Yet, they don't have 7/24 online support, which is a little bit frustrating.

FlyVPN Review Conclusion:

From my point of view, FlyVPN is the best VPN service I've ever experienced in China for sake of getting access to US websites. You can try their free trial anytime. If you are in China, there could be some pronlem to open their web, you can try this link .


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  9. FlyVpn has worst customer service. I used bitcoin to make payment for one month, but instead they charged for 1 year. Over 90 USD. When asked for refund, although they had 30 day refund policy, they changed their info on their website and refused to refund saying they don't refund bitcoin payments. I asked them to refund to my paypal account, but they did not.

    Don't ever deal with these guys, they rip you off. They are cheap people. For 100 bucks, they do anything to take your money.

    Would never recommend them to anyone. Had worst experience with them. Stay away.

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