Thursday, August 25, 2016

How to Access Google Store in China

For people outside China, downloading apps from Google Store would be a ritual, natural and ordinary thing. While for most of Chinese people, they might feel fresh when they hear Google Store as it almost has no share in Chinese market. For those who are about to travel, study, and work in China, we would like to introduce how to get access to Google Store in China.

Why Google lost its China Market?

In 2014, Google withdrew China market in 2014 due to the refusal of self-censoring its resarch result. The open Android OS from Google gave rise to many Android store in China like Tencent App Gem and Xiaomi App Store. Moreover, Apple's AppStore seizes a big chunk of Chinese market. China has become one of Apple’s most important market, accounting for much of its revenue growth in 2015. Even though there's strict Internet censorship in China, apps on mobile devices have been developed at fast pace. The competition is intense. Apple's share in China fells to 17.9% in the second quarter this year, less than Hua Wei and Xiaomi.

Is it poosible to get access to Google Store in China?

The answer is yes. There is a rumor in March,2016 about Google's return in China, Google fans were thrilling at it. Howerver, no updating news about Google's return ever since that.But Googlers seek VPN serives for help to skip the Great Firewall.

How to access Google Store when I am in China?

Here,we present you the way of getting access to Google Store in China with our Nexus 5 . Let's examplifies the way with FlyVPN, one of the best VPN services we've been using for a long period.

First, download FlyVPN into mobile device.
Run it and connect with its server. Here we connect successfully with its server California 05.
Second, login Google Store. 
Now,you can see that we've get access to Google Store successfully.


Due to some reason, Google Store is currently unavaiable in China. But a VPN can help you in unblocking it. In China, using VPN is legitimate as long as you don't use it in a Internet crime. Like we display above, merely two steps will take you to a free Internet world in China. Let's start the journey in Google Play!

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