Monday, August 29, 2016

How to Get Access to Facebook in China with the Best VPN

Although Mark Elliot Zuckerberg ran in the Tiananmen Suqare in the early 2016 to win a favor of the Government, it seems that the chance of Facebook's entering in China is glim. It would be heart-breaking when you are in China without Facebook.

Why I can't use Facebook in China?

For sake of controlling information including some nasty news on Internet, Chinese Government has strict Internet censorship. Facebook is not willing to cooperate with Chinese Government and submits the users' data, thus banned from China. Everyone in China uses Weibo instead of Facebook. There's also some celebrities like Stephen Hawking using Weibo.

Is there any chance for me to us Facebook in China?

As a foreigner in China, Facebook might be more familiar and convenient for you to keep in acontact with your families and friends. In order to unblock Facebook in China, VPN can help you out.Once you connect with a VPN server, your IP adress will be changed to a non-chinese one.

Which VPN service is the best one for unblocking Facebook?

Try to think a scenerio like this,when you take a extremly beautiful picture by your phone,you want to send it to your families right away, but you can't.Then you tries to upload your photos in your laptop, but your Facebook page turns to 404 error. So a VPN that is compatible for Android,iOS,Mac OSX and Windows would be the most ideal service. Here, we recommend you with FlyVPN since it is perfectly suitble on these ooperation systems.

Moreover, it is fairly convenient for you to do a test about its performance through creating an account in FlyVPN app.After logging in and connecting with its US VPN server, you can get access to Facebook without restriction!


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