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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

To Get Access to Main News Reporting Websites in China with Free iOS VPN

As people entering in 21 century, we live in the time that information explodes due to the usage of Network. Yet, in some place in this world like China, news are censored. For foreigners in China, they need news with high quality and no censorship. 

Which News Reporting Websites are blcoked in China?

China, as a newly rising star in economy, is extremely taking tough censorship in propaganda. Famous news reporting websites like Bloomerg, Wall Street Journal,and New York Times are banned.

Is it possible for me to browse these websites in China?

Although Chinese gonvernment blocked these websites with the Great Fire Wall, a lot of people in China bypass the restriction via using VPN. Using VPN is legitimate in China as long as you don't apply it to crimes. Many scholars, bussiness men, and English Learners using it to hide their IP adress and get news from the outside.

Which iPhone VPN and iPad VPN is the best?

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